December 4th 2017

Over ten years have passed since the last renumbering of journalists’ professional licenses and other licenses issued by this CCPJ. To provide an authentic relation between the number of licenses and the number of holders, the CCPJ will proceed to a new renumbering.
In fact, this procedure will allow a more accurate portrait of the years of experience and the profile of journalists who hold a professional license. Therefore, it also represents a tool that will help universities and other researchers in this area to study it.
In order to avoid that, due to this renumbering, two professional licenses (held by two different journalists) would coexist with the same number, the CCPJ decided that an alphabetical suffix (the letter “A”) will feature in the end of each new number.
Consequently, starting January 1st 2018, and for the subsequent two year period, all the new licenses will be identified by the new license number, featuring the letter A in the end (e.g. 50-A; 500-A; 5000-A), so that there is a difference between the holder of license 50-A and the holder of license 50 (for as long as the latter is still valid).

For this operation to take place without problems, it is crucial for all the holders of professional licenses that expire this December to renew their cards. This action is obligatory until December 31st 2017.
Obviously, those who fail to meet this deadline, besides being in an illegal situation, will not be included in this renumbering. They will get new numbers when they at last submit the application.  
The renumbered professional licenses will substitute the current ones as their holders submit their applications.


The CCPJ Plenary