A journalist is considered to be anyone who, as their main, permanent and gainful occupation, exercises editorial functions of research, collection, selection and treatment of facts, news or opinions via texts, images or sounds, intended for divulgation, for informational purposes, via the press, a news agency, radio, television or via any other electronic means of dissemination.

The pursuit of the functions referred to in the previous point, when performed for publications that predominantly aim to promote activities, products, services or entities of a commercial or industrial nature, does not constitute journalistic activity.

Citizens who, independently of whether or not they effectively pursue the profession, have performed journalistic activity as their main, permanent and gainful occupation for a continuous period of 10 years, or for 15 years on an interrupted basis, are also considered to be journalists, provided that they request and keep their respective professional license updated.

The journalist profession begins with an obligatory internship, which must be successfully completed, of 12-month duration, in the case of someone with a BA Honours degree (licenciatura) in the area of the media or a qualification from an equivalent course, or of 18-month duration in other cases.

In order to pursue the profession of journalist, it is necessary to hold the respective professional license.

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