Following the latest elections (which took place December 5th 2018) for the representatives of the journalists in the CCPJ for the 2018/2021 triennium, these are the journalists appointed by the sector operators and those elected by their peers:

Members appointed by the sector operators:

Isabel Magalhães – C.P. 1024 A;
Luís Mendonça – C.P. 1407 A;
Albérico Fernandes – C.P. 20 A;
Francisco Rebelo dos Santos – TE21 A.

Members elected by the journalists:

Jacinto Godinho – C.P. 772 A;
Marina Pimentel – C.P. 492 A;
Anabela Natário – C.P. 326 A;
Miguel Alexandre Ganhão – C.P. 1552 A;

The CCPJ charter will be completed once the President is co-opted. The co-optation will take place during the first Plenary meeting, which will be held January 16th 2019.

Lisbon December 19th 2018